The highest level of air quality

ISO 8573-1

This standard aims to ensure the provision of clean, impurity-free air in a variety of industrial applications. Our certified and tested products are a guarantee of reliable and efficient performance of systems and equipment.

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    Identify needs

    Explain your needs, inquire with our customer service team about suitable products, and get the advice needed to decide on your installation purchase.

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    Identify products and services

    Identify the products that best represent your need, and agree on the installation services required to ensure they match your environment and needs.

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    Arranging and organizing the installation

    Arrange an appointment to install the products, where the team of alternative technicians will provide an efficient and smooth service.

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    Performance testing and delivery

    After installation is complete, evaluate the products' performance and ensure you are completely satisfied, then perform a final test to verify that the products are operating efficiently.

Our products

Discover a new level of quality with Atlas Copco products presented to you by our company - An exceptional experience that suits you!
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Vision towards the summit:
Combining efficiency and excellence in our work, with speed of implementation and dedication to quality

Our values

We have a set of values that define our style of work and we all share them: commitment, excellence, and professional ethics.

Our partners

Albadel Akhar Co. was able to gain the trust of the international company Atlas Copco to be its authorized agent in Libya.

Our culture

We ensure that our employees have priority within the company in using the latest modern technologies in developing their competencies and skills

Our goals

Our goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of all our work, and combine speed of implementation and quality performance

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    Annual warranty contracts

    Warranty contracts include all our products, and we also undertake free intervention and maintenance in case of an emergency.