Gas generators

Gas generators from Atlas Copco

Our wide range of oxygen and nitrogen gas generators feature high purity levels to meet all your needs.
Albadel Akhar Co. provides, installs and maintains it, along with compressed air equipment. We invite you to discover all our solutions regarding oxygen and nitrogen generators and get to know them closely.

Why choose oxygen and nitrogen generators over Albadel Akhar Co. ?

  • Reliable gas supply
    You can stop relying on third-party suppliers to supply you with nitrogen or oxygen gas, and produce it yourself using one of our gas generators, providing you with gas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simple, reliable and designed to work even in the toughest conditions.
  • Cost saving
    Creating your own gas on site ensures processing, refilling and delivery without prohibitive costs. You can limit the possibility of stopping work due to the lack of gas. Low operating costs for increased cost savings
  • Easy to operate
    Gas generators come ready to use and operate, all you need is to supply them with compressed air, so there is no need for expensive and complicated installation processes.