Air dryers

Atlas Copco air dryers

When you need low levels of water vapor in compressed air, a dryer is necessary in these cases. As distributors for Atlas Copco, we can provide high-efficiency dryers that reach the required levels of dry air. It provides you with the lowest cost

Why choose the Atlas Copco dryer from the other alternative company?

  • Lowest total cost

Since you will likely keep your new dryer for at least 10 years, about 80% of the total cost in this period will be in electrical energy costs.
Atlas Copco desiccant dryers are highly efficient and usually have the lowest total cost when factoring in the purchase price, electrical operating costs, and maintenance costs.

  • Dryer Warranty
    Albadel Akhar Co. provides you with an annual warranty for its products if they require maintenance, repair, or even replacement. If maintenance budget is important to you, the other alternative

You will be guaranteed maximum reliability, uptime, lowest costs and a worry-free life for the duration of the warranty.