Air filters

Air filters from Atlas Copco

Using dryers may help you remove water vapor from the compressed air source, but you still need to remove other contaminants such as solid particles and oil residue.
The other alternative offers you a variety of filters that are more efficient in achieving the air quality you need to achieve and suitable for your needs.

Why choose Atlas Copco filters from Albadel Akhar Co.?

  • Guaranteed clean air
    The fiber components of the filters ensure maximum and high efficiency in eliminating oil mist and wet dust and filtering and draining of water droplets.
  •  Energy saving
    The optimized design of our compressed air filters minimizes pressure drop while reducing operating costs.
  • Low cost maintenance
    Maintenance of Atlas Copco filters has become easier through its unique composition and simple design, which reduces costs without any interruptions in air production during maintenance.
  • High performance
    The materials from which the filters are made were carefully selected in terms of their resistance to rust and corrosion, in addition to the unique design of the sealed epoxy cover and corrosion-resistant filter surfaces, to ensure high levels of performance and reliability.