Air compressors

Air compressors from Atlas Copco

As authorized distributors of Atlas Copco, we, in the other alternative, pride ourselves on providing compressors that are highly energy efficient and have a good reputation in terms of reliability and performance. By investing a small amount in a more energy efficient and reliable compressor, you can save a significant amount of money in maintenance costs and reduce unplanned downtime.

Why choose Atlas Copco compressors from the other alternative company?

  • Less expensive
    Since you will likely keep the new compressor for at least 7-10 years, about 80-90% of the total cost in this period will be in repair and maintenance costs. Atlas Copco compressors are very efficient and usually have the lowest overall cost when factoring in the purchase price. Operating and maintenance costs compared to other compressors.
  • Product Warranty
    The Other Alternative Company provides you with an annual warranty for its products. If a manufacturing defect is found in the product and the matter requires maintenance, repair, or even replacement, the Other Alternative will guarantee you maximum reliability, operating time, and a worry-free life throughout the warranty period without any additional costs.
  • Technical consulting
    The company has a sales team with experience and knowledge regarding compressed air systems, which seeks to provide you with consultation and technical support, in addition to helping you design and select compressed air systems according to your field of specialization. Our team is always happy to help you find sustainable solutions suitable for the success of your business.