Air suction machines

Vacuum machines from Atlas Copco

We believe in maximizing value for our customers by providing vacuum solutions for industrial processes. Learn about how to achieve this through Atlas Copco air suction products and get the latest updates on our products and activities from Albadel Akhar Co. We will help you find the best solutions for vacuum technology, vacuum products, and other products related to air suction. Our products cover the requirements of all industrial sectors, including the chemical industries. Food packaging, paper and plastic printing, brick and clay manufacturing, etc.

Air suction range: 0.75 – 5400 cubic meters per hour
Motor range: 0.9 – 132 kW

Why choose Atlas Copco vacuum pumps over other alternatives?

  • Lowest total cost
    Since you are likely to keep your new vacuum pumps for at least 7-10 years, a high percentage of the total cost in this period will be in energy and maintenance costs. Atlas Copco vacuum pumps are efficient, high quality and usually have the lowest total cost at Calculate the initial purchase price, operating costs, and maintenance costs.
  • High efficiency
    The variable speed and vacuum level control of our products provide the ideal setting to run your business with maximum performance and minimum energy consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Our patented products give you quality performance and high efficiency in use, which are designed to reduce noise levels and environmental pollution in your work environment.