Mobile equipment and compressors

Mobile equipment and compressors from Atlas Copco

The Other Alternative offers products in the field of construction and energy works, such as ducted compressors, pumps, and mobile lighting towers, in addition to a number of complementary products. It provides sustainable production solutions for many industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and exploration and exploration.

Why choose ducted compressors from Albadel Akhar Co.?

  • Designed to your needs
    Atlas Copco products are the only products that provide you with ducted compressors and lighting towers with the widest range of options and features that suit your business
  • High performance
    Our towed air compressors are easy to use, highly efficient, and light in weight compared to other compressors.
  • Your companion everywhere
    You can choose the compressor that suits your needs, from small to medium to large size, which will be your primary companion in any project you undertake along with your work equipment, as our towed equipment has been improved and developed to be characterized by high-quality performance and ease of transporting and pulling it with your own vehicle to your work site.